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Need to learn more about us and our experience in the eld of crypto? Don't worry because we can assure you that Benet Mine is the only team that will work to maximize your prots. If you are interested in investing in crypto, then we are here to help you.

We were initially a team of nance professionals who had been serving in the nancial markets for over ten years. We know and have studied the trends that occur in the world of nance. Later on, in February 2016, our ntech team started working on different nancial markets with technology.

Since then, we knew that the nancial market fused with technology had the potential to grow, and we were able to achieve productive and prosperous results by the end of 2019.

We knew since then that we had the potential to help people invest in suitable forms of crypto. By the end of 2021, our team could publicly offer crypto investment services to their clients starting from the 22nd of December.

Our Services

Invest & Trade

We deliver bold solutions on a platform that is purpose-built for cryptocurrency’s unique properties and your compliance needs.

Free Contract Access

To get experience of profit, initially we offer free contract where you can get 3-4% of profit per month, freely. In order to achieve 4-10% of profit, you are required to start main contact.

Asset Management

Serving institutions, corporations, and high net worth investors, we offer private funds, separately managed accounts, and bespoke vehicles across a wide range of strategies.

Full-Service Brokerage

Leveraging its extensive experience in capital markets, we provide a comprehensive suite of investing services built for discerning institutions.

Structured Solutions

We design and constructs a wide variety of solutions form-fitted to client objectives, from risk management to cashflow optimization and more.

Flexible Binancing

Access customized bitcoin asset-backed borrowing and lending opportunities with flexible terms and attractive economics.

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